Friday, May 22, 2009

Fail: 'Detalj' Top at Blackgroup

As a rule, I happen to hate sweetheart necklines with a passion. Even at best they seem only tolerable, and at worst, well... here we go. Nobody ever appears to have the kind of bust that would actually look like it's the right size and shape for a sweetheart neckline, for the garment seems always too big, like here, or too small (like with what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing at the Academy Awards of 2009, although that was a fairly shallow sweetheart neckline - having oranges bolted on your chest may also have something to do with achieving the bursting-out effect).

With this gothic piece, I seriously fail to see why a top ought to look like there's a bra sewn to it. The gap between the cups isn't helping the impression much, nor the tulle trimming which also spoils the otherwise fairly nice arm pieces. I can think of nothing nice to say about the rest of this ghastly garment, either. Unflattering, with too much going on, basically.

In case you love it, however, you can get it here.


  1. Unless I get myself some bewbs I could never pull this off (if I wanted to...).

  2. Trust me, not even those with boobs could possibly pull this off.