Sunday, May 03, 2009

Goth: 'Dominion' Jacket in Black and Black at Shrine

I'd be ordering this right now if only it hadn't that staggering $465.00 price tag. Military style always hits the spot, the pattern of the brocade is interesting and makes the colour black come alive, and ah, the details! The collar! The buckles! The buttons! The epaulettes! I am in love.

(Get it here in case you happen to be stinking rich - note, however, that they'll only get a new stock this June, so you'd have to wait a little bit.)


  1. Meow! When you think of a sexy jacket you think of this. Stunning!

  2. My god, this jacket came up in a Google search and I'm in LOVE. Pity that $465 is way outta my league. Sucks to be a student when you see jackets like this

  3. OH MY GODS. I love it - not sure about the fake medal - but LOVE the rest. I repeat my need to win the lotto and spend it all on clothes. And it shares its name with a Sisters of Mercy song :D