Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's This?

Welcome to Darker Fashions!

What? It's my grand idea of keeping a blog on the good, bad and the ugly of (mainly) contemporary fashion, and I mean not just any fashion, but the more dark, alternative (and mostly street) fashion. Yes, we're talking about stuff such as new romance, punk, gothic lolita, rivethead, steampunk, visual kei, raver style, cyber goth, and so on and so forth. That being said, I might every once in a while be posting an entry on something by some big name of haute couture design if, indeed, said something had an alternative approach to it. So we're not going to completely forget about the mainstream, even though we'll be sure to keep it minimal; there are, after all, thousands upon thousands of blogs on mainstream fashion.

My main focus will be on what I stumble into while surfing the magical world of teh IntterWebs, but I might also document some pieces I find, or even buy, IRL.

Why? Simply because I was trying to think of a blog that I'd like to read myself, and came up with this idea of expressing my views on alternative fashion, searching for both the beautiful side and the stuff that has gone horribly wrong, in my point of view. All opinions I state are mine and mine alone. I represent only myself, and keep the blog as noncommercial as possible. (I shall be linking all pictures to their sources, of course, and the sources will most often be online stores.) Moreover, any criticism I might express is by never pointed towards any private person, regardless of the circumstances.

When? I shall be posting weekly, if not more often.

Who is this 'I' you are talking about? You may call me Khar.

All questions and comments are welcome.

Thank you for reading.

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