Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Maxi Dresses

Theme: Maxi dresses (full-length)

Good: 'Punk and Disorderly' Dress by Lip Service at Ipso Facto
Flattering on the body, balanced in terms of volume, and striking with a slightly unusual choice of pattern (if not colour). With the base lines kept simple, it's an easy piece to accessorize, as well, one would imagine. The hem can be pulled up for a very voluptuous effect, or let down for the more classic dress appeal, to suit one's liking.

I have seen this dress in green, too, and it's a beautiful colour for it as well. Red version available here (among other places).

Bad: 'Crimson Vampira Costume' at Black Sheep

The whole thing looks like it is on its way down, slowly but steadily making its way towards the floor. Having that long, pointed strip right in the middle does nothing for this look. The top part of the garment is also a classic example of what creates an unflattering silhouette regardless of what shape you are underneath.

I understand that this is actually more of a costume than anything else, but I can still picture a goth of some sort, possibly a Romantic Goth, wearing something of this sort to an event.

Found here.

Ugly: 'Lovebomb - Long Black Lycra Angel Dress with Chain Straps' at Kinky Angel

The tackiness of it leaves me positively speachless. This dress is nothing but a shapeless cylinder made of what is very nearly the cheapest-looking material available, and it says "Angel" in the front, *and* has holographic wings in the back. Honestly. The horror!

In theory, I can somehow imagine how chainlink straps could somehow work in a garment, but here? Not in a million years.

Found the abomination here.

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  1. Who the heck designs these horrid monsters (the angel one...)? I suppose a blind christian goth might like that if someone described it to him/her/it...

    "It's really cool! Shoulder straps, all black and long and you have these cool angel wings on your back!"